The Scoop on Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Beef

So, which beef is better: grain-fed or grass-fed? At Anton’s we love meat, so we’re not picking favorites! We’ll bring you up to speed on the differences between the two and leave the decision making to you. And, lucky for you, we offer both varieties, so you don’t have to commit just yet.


Grain-Fed Beef


What exactly is grain-fed beef? While you may think it’s as simple as meat that comes from cows that only eat grains – it’s not. Let’s begin with the basics. At an early age, ALL cows are fed milk and graze on grass. To move the production process along, these cows are eventually fed a “grain” diet that includes, but isn’t limited to: soy, corn, grains, hormones and antibiotics. That’s where the “grains” come in to play.


Production process aside, grain-fed beef has other unique characteristics. Grain-fed beef tends to have that desirable, marbleized appearance that we associate with prime cuts of meat. There’s more to that marbleized beef than meets the eye, though. That beautiful dark and light-colored contrast is accompanied by lots of flavor. And yes, more flavor means more fat. Don’t worry, though! Grain-fed beef is also available in a variety of leaner cuts.

photo-13Grass-Fed Beef


If grain-fed beef comes from cows that eat both grains and grass, then what do grass-fed cows eat? This is the easy part. Just as the name suggests, grass-fed cows chow down on pasture. It’s as simple as that! As you might imagine, there are some benefits in eating this type of meat.


What grass-fed meat lacks in marbleized appearance and robust flavor, it makes up for in nutritional value.


Here’s a quick look at the health benefits:


Lower saturated fat – you know that “bad”, artery-blocking stuff? Well, there’s less of it here.


Less calories – it’s pretty self-explanatory…more room for dessert, right?


Rich in antioxidants – we can’t get enough of these immune-boosting molecules!


Higher Vitamin A and E values – Vitamin A will help keep your skin, teeth, eyes and your skeletal and soft tissues healthy, while vitamin E promotes a strong  immune system.


Omega-3s– these are those great fatty acids you keep hearing about. Lowered levels of triglycerides and blood pressure and reduced plaque buildup in your arteries are just a few of the benefits reaped from eating these super fats!


When it comes to grass-fed beef, there’s no shortage of health benefits. So, how do you decide which meat is best for you? Now that you’ve got the facts, the decision is yours. A good, old-fashioned taste test usually does the trick, so come on down to Anton’s and try one of our grain or grass-fed meats.