Generic Quarter


This “Generic Quarter” is our way of getting a little of everything to the customer. This box contains 111 pounds of our finest grass fed grass finished beef. 2 tenderloin filets 8oz ea, 4 bone in ribeye steaks 25oz ea,4 Kansas City strips 14oz ea, 4 sirloin steaks 10oz ea,4 round steaks 12oz ea,1 rump roast3#,1 arm roast3#, 1 chuck roast3#, 1 sirloin tip roast3#, 1 flank steak1#,1 skirt steak1#, 80 # of 80/20 ground beef-2# packs,1# cecina jerky,1/2 hot 1/2 mild. if there is something you don’t see please ask, we will make special arrangements to get it for you