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28 Day Aged Cuts, 50+ Bottles of Wine, 75 Taps

Anton’s Restaurant and Taproom

Welcome to Anton’s Taproom and Restaurant

In the heart of Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District


It wasn’t until I became a father that the quality of food became so important. Knowing where the food we’re eating came from and what care was used in raising it became essential. That philosophy is being incorporated into Anton’s by developing relationships with farmers and trying to build on sustainability. We are striving to put quality products at the forefront.

I wanted to recreate the Butcher Shop and Steak House of long past.

Some of Anton’s offerings are pork and poultry raised hormone free, without antibiotics and certified organic grass fed beef. All from farms that care about and practice the humane treatment of animals. I realized by dealing directly with farmers I would be able to offer something distinctive, at an affordable price. This allows for more creativity and offerings like in-house aging, cutting steaks to order and being able to offer our products at the Butcher’s counter to enjoy at home